Wednesday, 12 December 2007

You couldn't caricature it

Oh goody, the government is to introduce a "national play strategy" for children.

Am I meant to laugh or cry?


James Oakley said...

Oh please, can I try and caricature it?

"And don't forget, there's always a sale on at the DCSF"

Neil Jeffers said...

Just worked out what DCSF is.

Sounds like a hospital superbug, doesn't it?

Matthew said...

It's just part of a far deeper strategy - the 'make Ed Balls feel like his life has meaning and is useful strategy'

Dave Williams said...

Give him some credit. His name is a wonderful gift to tabloid headline writers.

I think it's brilliant news for teachers. They were wondering when they were meant to teach the children in between all the form filling, strategy development, testing etc. But if the aim is to let the kids play -then they don't have to teach after all. Sarah will be overjoyed!