Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Essential Canon Law Reading List

Brilliant CME day last Saturday (really!)

Everything CME should be - entertaining, informative, telling you those things about the CofE that only the experts know. It was called "Help! I'm a Church Lawyer" and was led by Canon David Parrott, CME officer for Chelmsford Diocese, Education Officer of the Ecclesiastical Law Society, and self-confessed canon law anorak with an MA in Canon Law Studies from Cardiff!

This is what he told us we must have on our shelves if we ever become incumbents (also useful for Curates):

Anglican Marriage in England and Wales: A Guide to the Law for Clergy (from the Faculty Office, Westminster)

Suggestions for the Guidcance of the Clergy with regard to the Marriage and Registration Acts (possibly available from local Registrar)

A Guide to Liturgical Copyright (download from CofE website)

The Charities Act and the PCC, 3rd ed. (download from CofE website)

Church Representation Rules (always buy latest edition, currently 2006)

Canons of the Church of England (free download from CofE website)

Practical Church Management by James Behrens

soon to be published by David Parrott himself, Your Church and the Law: A simple explanation and guide


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